Brock and Norris

Born through experience and attention to detail

Using everything we have learned in the field our rifles are built to exceed any brief for any hunting situation.

Born through experience and attention to detail

The trophy of a life time

If you have one chance to take the trophy of a life time. In that fleeting moment would you take the shot or let it walk? Question answered?

The trophy of a life time

Factory Rifles

Don't Forget as well as building custom rifles Brock and Norris are also agents for Anschutz, Armsan, Bergara, Bettinsoli, CZ, Howa, Hatsan, Marlin, Lithgow, Remington, Ruger, Savage, Shultz and Larsen, Webley & Scott. These are not featured on our website, we are riflesmith's not IT techs and to busy building rifles. However if you wish to purchase one of these products please give us a call, you may be pleasantly surprised


Sunday CLOSED Monday CLOSED Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday 8am-6pm Thursday 8am-6pm Friday 8am-6pm Saturday 8am-6pm Please do not phone us on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday as we are not here (our shooting days)


Due to the high work load and tight schedules at the moment, we can no longer offer a " drop in service" if you have a problem with a rifle please phone for an appointment.


We have one .308 Ruger Precision Rifle not yet sold first come first served, we also have two of these rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor due to arrive in the next two weeks that are still available
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